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Welcome, are you sure of your abilities, then apply for Jobs on commission to put Road Usage to order based on Driving Permits and Vehicle Number plates, evacuate road accident victims quickly, warn families of their irresponsible drivers and skill School Youth (P.5-S.6) “ The Pearl Youth” to increase family incomes to avoid un employment.

Roughguides website ranks Uganda fourth among the best top 10 tourist destinations globally in 2017. Let us tap into this as a country by encouraging ourselves as Drivers, Passengers and Pedestrians to prove and start a culture of caring for for all road users by issuing to ourselves and to other road users "SAFEROAD road users commitment tickets by help of Saferoad Commitment Tools" so that we can put road usage order and life saving upfront.

Thank you so much for reaching out for our innovative and nation building JOBS

We specialise in three things namely;

(i) Lots Creatives-Graphic Designs, Printing and Brand Logo links showcasing at our

(ii) The Pearl Youth-Training and Mentoring Program at through use of Computers and the Internet is an exciting innovation that is set to change the mind-set of young school Youth from Primary Five (5)-Senior Six (6) to make them develop the passion of Entrepreneurship of what their parents and other community members are doing for an income to using the computers to be creative and innovative with a view to increase their individual incomes as well as their household incomes and consequently create employment starting withselves and employing other youth.

(iii) SAFEROAD-Is a people power preventive road accident strategy to generate road usage information where Drivers and Passengers exhibit road usage openness by Texting their personal details; names, driving permit numbers among others through their mobile phones every time they use the road-a public resource, more information is picked from the Branded Reflective Jackets put on by Motor Cycle drivers yet those for Buses and Taxis which are Passenger Service Vehicles (PSVs) is put on by their conductors, and from the Driver Display Boards (DDBs) hang behind the PSV Driver Seats that indicate Driver Photos, Motor Vehicle Registration Numbers and routes among others.

Currently we are recruiting only for; SAFEROAD and The Pearl Youth and we are looking for;

(i) District Information Agents-these should acquired at least a U.CE and have a bit of knowledge about Road Safety as well as an interest in computers and internet. Although you can be an individual, NGOs/CBOs or businesses already doing other things are preferred.

(ii) District Sales Executives who should also have the same qualifications and interest as above but with serious personal attributes to positively impact on our Uganda society.

Payment to You-is 10% commission on each sale and this will be paid as soon as it appears on our system through the *185# payment system of Airtel

Bonus payment to You- is based above 20 sales of each respective product in one month and paid at the end of the month.

Customers-are encouraged to pay themselves from their mobile phones through the *185# Airtel Money System.


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Note: Read more, apply and attend FREE TRAINING every 4th Sunday of the month. Click here for those shortlisted for training