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Welcome, to SAFEROAD EYE team which is determined to make Ugandan roads much safer by empowerment of the Road Users themselves through use of their mobile phones where respective text messages are sent from.

We are currently recruiting volunteers and after four (4) mounths we shall evaluate their efforts so that they can join another level where a Top-Up facilitation will be given to them to help them make Ugandan roads a better Public Resource to enjoy.

Please tell this to a friend and encourage the friend to tell it to a friend, that is "love for Uganda demonstrated-to make Ugandan Roads Safer".

Thank you so much for reaching out for our innovative and nation building JOBS-We empower you to save lives as you make money.

Currently we are recruiting for SAFEROAD EYE service;

(iii) SAFEROAD EYE -Is an ICT innovation that is people power preventive road accident strategy to generate road usage information where Drivers and Passengers exhibit road usage openness, transparency and accountability by Texting their personal details; names, driving permit numbers among others through their mobile phones every time they use the road-a public resource, more information is picked from the Branded Reflective Jackets (BRJs) put on by Motor Cycle drivers yet those for Buses and Taxis which are Passenger Service Vehicles (PSVs) is put on by their conductors, and from the Driver Display Boards (DDBs) hang behind the PSV Driver Seats that indicate Driver Photos, Motor Vehicle Registration Numbers and routes among others.

Minimum Qualification is Uganda Certificate of Education (UCE), but the following give an added advantage in the Market;

(i) Knowledge of Driving with a Valid Driving Permit (ii) Certificate/Diploma/Degree in Marketing or any othe pro people qualification (iii) Experience in Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCGs) (iv) Passion to join a team that wants to make a change on Ugandan Roads.

Please Apply as from below and thereafter, we shall put you to our WhatsApp Group that is on Telephone Number: 0781112972 to know when to come for a briefing/training.

APPLICATION FORM BELOW, but before applying visit to understand the service:

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